How to measure excavator or backhoe pickup measurements correctly

Your step-by-step guide

When you’re ordering a new attachment for your excavator or backhoe, it’s very important that you supply the correct excavator pickup measurements to the attachment manufacturer. If these measurements are incorrect, the attachment will not fit your backhoe or excavator – and rectifying this problem will be at a high cost to you as the excavator owner. You may also experience costly machine downtime in the absence of the correct excavator or backhoe attachment.

For these reasons, you’ll find most attachment manufacturers will request that you confirm bucket pickup measurements in writing at the time of order. The good news is that getting it right is not hard – if you follow our handy steps below.  Continue reading…

Choosing a new GP bucket? Read this first.

General Purpose Bucket

General Purpose Bucket

Your GP bucket (sometimes known as a trenching bucket) will be used for all types of pipe and cable trenching, so it needs to be robust, strong and durable. And, of course, you also want it to have a long lifespan in order to get the best bang for your buck.


Bucket width

It is important for your customer that you do not over excavate. An unnecessary wide trench will cost more to backfill. Chose the minimum required width GP bucket for your next trenching project and save on unnecessary backfill. You specify the width and we will manufacture it.

Some quick thoughts about side cutters…

General purpose buckets can often get stuck in trenches, so for extra ground-breaking ability make sure you go for a bucket that comes with side cutters.

Large GP buckets usually come with easily replaced bolt-on side cutters. On smaller buckets that don’t encounter high wear, side cutters are welded on.

Heavy duty option

Do you regularly carry out tough trenching work? Ask our team about the heavy-duty option of our regular GP bucket with beefed-up wear strips, hard face welding and extended side-cutter toes.

GP buckets — with teeth or without?

We supply GP buckets with teeth and adaptors or without — it all depends on your application. If you work in sandy conditions, a GP bucket with no teeth — also known as a gummy bucket — will produce the best results.

At Oz Excavator Buckets, we can manufacture your GP Bucket to any specification. To talk to us about your custom-made general purpose bucket, call today on 1300 246 009.