The important elements to look for in your rock grab this storm season

Australia’s storm season can be wild, causing devastating effects across the entire country. High winds, floods and fires can all result in extreme damage to buildings, transport links and communities — often putting people’s lives in serious jeopardy.

But Aussies are good at mucking in and helping to clean up the debris. And when it comes to tidying up after a storm, a rock grab attachment (also known as a log grab) for your excavator will be one of your most invaluable tools.

When looking for a good quality rock grab — that will last you the entire storm season and longer — it’s useful to keep the following features in mind.

Does the rock grab have wear protection on the finger edges?

Additional hard steel protection on the finger edges of your log grab ensures that your attachment is extremely robust, so it can work for longer without being worn down.

Does it have the popular five-finger configuration?

A five-finger rock grab is one of the most popular designs for this type of excavator attachment, as it allows you to quickly and easily get a grip of all types of debris.

Is the log grab made from strong, robust materials?

A flimsy rock grab will bend and twist as you try and pick up oddly shaped items. But when you invest in a robust, well-designed log grab, you trust it to grab onto even the most difficult materials without warping or twisting out of shape.

It is geometrically balanced?

If your rock grab isn’t geometrically balanced, it won’t be able to hold on to debris — causing items to slip out where the fingers don’t overlap properly. To avoid this issue, always purchase your log grab from a trusted, knowledgeable supplier.

Does the rock grab have rugged inside edges?

Rugged inside edges can be added to log grabs to increase their gripping ability. These jagged metal teeth help to hold on to all sorts of slippery storm debris, including logs, rocks, and other articles that may be difficult to manoeuvre.

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Six important points to consider when buying a rock grab

When it comes to moving rocks from place to place, you need a good quality rock grab that won’t let you down. Selecting the right one is important as you’re staking the reputation of your business on it. Here are a few things to bear in mind when making the decision.

1. Keep your application in mind

It may seem obvious, but your first priority is to determine the size and weight of the rocks or other items you’ll need to move, and the lifting capacity of the machine you’ll be using. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to find the right rock grab for your application.

2. Finger construction is critical

For maximum performance, you need a rock grab that’s designed with wear protection on the grab finger edges. This keeps wear to a minimum.

3. Choose a quality design

Superior design is critical for efficient load management. To maximise efficiency in loading and unloading of material, keep an eye out for well-designed, geometrically balanced rock grabs that are specially designed for superior performance with your particular excavator, in your particular application.

4. Ensure heavy duty, robust construction

Ensure that only high quality steel is used in the construction of the rock grab as this will ensure a longer useful life.

5. Go for a well-designed static grab

A well-designed static grab is much cheaper than a hydraulic grab and requires less maintenance.

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