Why choose an Australian excavator attachment manufacturer?

Your guide to OZ Excavator Buckets’ Brisbane manufacturing facility

OZ Buckets' Brisbane attachment manufacturing facility

OZ Excavator Buckets is a Brisbane-based manufacturer of excavator and backhoe buckets and other attachments. Established in 1998, OZ Excavator Buckets was acquired by our current owners in 2006. Over the past 17 years we have grown from being a small Brisbane-based excavator bucket repairer to a national supplier of excavator and backhoe attachments. Continue reading…

The survey says – OZ Excavator Buckets provides great service!

At OZ Excavator Buckets, we’re focused on providing the best service to our customers at all times – and that applies to our prices, product quality, and turnaround times too.

So throughout August and September, we ran a comprehensive Customer Survey to find out exactly what our customers think of us, and where we can improve.

We emailed our survey to 1,790 of our customers, with the added incentive of the chance to win an Apple iPad Air for one lucky respondent. Here’s what we found. Continue reading…

Introducing our newest OZ Excavator Buckets team member

Paul Burns and Chris Low from OZ Excavator Buckets
Paul Burns (L) and Chris Low (R) head up OZ Excavator Buckets’ customer service team.

There’s a new member of the OZ Excavator Buckets customer service team – and chances are he’ll be heading your way very soon.

Chris Low is our new Business Development Manager, giving our clients the answers they need for any technical, sales, or product question about our excavator and backhoe attachments.  Continue reading…

Six important points to consider when buying a rock grab

When it comes to moving rocks from place to place, you need a good quality rock grab that won’t let you down. Selecting the right one is important as you’re staking the reputation of your business on it. Here are a few things to bear in mind when making the decision.

1. Keep your application in mind

It may seem obvious, but your first priority is to determine the size and weight of the rocks or other items you’ll need to move, and the lifting capacity of the machine you’ll be using. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to find the right rock grab for your application.

2. Finger construction is critical

For maximum performance, you need a rock grab that’s designed with wear protection on the grab finger edges. This keeps wear to a minimum.

3. Choose a quality design

Superior design is critical for efficient load management. To maximise efficiency in loading and unloading of material, keep an eye out for well-designed, geometrically balanced rock grabs that are specially designed for superior performance with your particular excavator, in your particular application.

4. Ensure heavy duty, robust construction

Ensure that only high quality steel is used in the construction of the rock grab as this will ensure a longer useful life.

5. Go for a well-designed static grab

A well-designed static grab is much cheaper than a hydraulic grab and requires less maintenance.

Another helpful service from OZ Excavator Buckets Pty Ltd, your excavator and backhoe attachment supplier. Call us on 1300 246 009 if you require any further information on rock grabs for your excavator, or any other attachment related matter.