ID tags for excavator attachments


ID tags for excavator attachments

When you’re working on a busy construction site, it’s not always easy to identify your excavator or backhoe attachments. In fact, keeping track of where your attachments are at any given moment is always a challenge.

While excavators and other major plant are relatively easy to manage, keeping track of buckets and other attachments is not always so straightforward. So it’s important that you have a system in place to monitor the whereabouts of your valuable investments.  Continue reading…

Federal Budget brings good news for excavator owner/ operators

Federal budget brings good news for earthmoving owner/operators

In this year’s budget, the federal government has stated the goal of, “Creating the right environment at the right time for businesses to invest”. And that means right now could be the ideal time for your earthmoving business to benefit.

Several new changes have been announced which will come into effect either straight away or very soon. We took a look at how they may be beneficial to owner/operators of earthmoving equipment.  Continue reading…

Can you afford a cheap imported excavator bucket or attachment?

quality excavator attachments

Here’s what you need to know about cheap imported excavator buckets and other attachments

Australian excavator operators have always been used to high quality Australian-made excavator buckets and attachments. But with certain local suppliers of buckets and attachments now sourcing their products overseas, that’s changing.

Thanks to lower overseas manufacturing costs, imported excavator attachments can be cheaper to buy than Australian-made buckets and attachments. But do they stack up in terms of quality — and on the REAL value to your business as a plant operator?  Continue reading…

Seven common mistakes earthmoving owner operators make

Earthmoving owner operatorsThere’s more to success than just choosing the right excavator attachment. Over our 15 years of dealing with owner operators of earthmoving equipment, we’ve seen some common threads emerge.

Earthmoving owner operators are constantly battling the weather to complete their scheduled work. Combined with unpredictable workloads, this creates a massive cash flow burden on operators.

But it doesn’t always have to be like this. There are some simple steps you can take as an earthmoving and excavation business owner to ease these problems. We’ve put together this list of the top seven mistakes earthmoving owner operators make. Continue reading…