GP bucket manufactured for a perfect fit by OZ Excavator Buckets

“When I bought my 3.5ton Kobelco digger in Melbourne, I had to try and find a GP bucket for it,” said Darrin, an individual contractor based in Airlie Beach, Queensland, “and the team at Brisbane Mini Excavators recommended OZ Excavator Buckets as a supplier of quality attachments.”

OZ Excavator Buckets provides helpful customer support

“The experience with OZ Excavator Buckets was very good,” remarked Darrin.

“The team really know their stuff. I gave them a call and they were very helpful — they informed me that there are actually 3 different types of my machine, each with 3 different dimensions, so making a bucket for my digger required more than just a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Darrin. Continue reading…

“By using OZ Excavator Buckets attachments, we can protect our reputation as a dealer in quality equipment!”

David Morrison at D&L Morrison Machinery Sales started doing business with OZ Excavator Buckets in 2001, and hasn’t looked back.

“We are the New Holland Construction and Kobelco agent for Tasmania — so we deal with both new models, and second-hand machinery for other brands,” said David.

“We rely on OZ Excavator Buckets for the supply of buckets for new equipment, and we do a lot of additional bucket purchases for customers too. If someone calls us wanting a bucket, we always call on Pete from OZ.” Continue reading…

OZ Excavator Buckets finds a loyal supporter in Siteworx Machinery

Siteworx Machinery has been supplying and servicing new and used construction equipment for 10 years, with branches in Canberra and Wollongong. Each machine Siteworx Machinery stocks is personally selected and serviced — so the quality of the attachments they buy is of utmost importance.

When it came to choosing a supplier of GP buckets, mud buckets, tilt buckets, and compaction wheels (to name a few!), Ray at Siteworx Machinery chose OZ Excavator Buckets, and hasn’t looked back. Continue reading…

“Having grown from 12 to 200 machines on hire, we count on OZ Excavator Buckets’ attachments to perform!”

For 12 years, OZ Excavator Buckets has remained Gerard O’Brien’s favourite excavator and earthmoving attachments supplier.

Gerard, from Pipeline Plant Hire, is happy to say that Pete and his team at OZ Excavator Buckets have never let him down, even as his demands change with his move into the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

Excavator Attachments for Coal Seam Gas projects

“Six years ago we only had 12 Hitachi machines for hire, and 12 months ago that number had grown to 64. Now we have around 200 machines!” says Gerard.

“Our machines are on hire throughout Australia — and 99% of these are being used in the coal seam gas industry.” Continue reading…

OZ Excavator Buckets delivers fast service to Adelaide contractor

When Jeremy Goulder required a new trimming bucket for his company’s excavator, he was looking for a supplier who could get a bucket to him ASAP.With his business being based in Adelaide, he first tried calling around local suppliers; but it wasn’t until Jeremy reached out to OZ Excavator Buckets that he was able to find the speedy service he required.

OZ Excavator Buckets delivers FAST

“I called OZ Excavator Buckets on the Tuesday morning and the bucket reached me in Adelaide the following Thursday morning,” says Jeremy.

“Had I purchased from a supplier in Adelaide, I would have had to pay $500 more, and wait 10 days for it to be delivered,” Jeremy adds.

Customer takes priority

Jeremy’s company, JRBCH, is not large… but OZ Excavator Buckets made his order a priority.

“I noticed that when I came to pick the bucket up, it had been labeled with my company’s name and instructions to deliver the bucket to me as soon as possible,” says Jeremy.

“I could tell they had made every effort to help me out.”

Jeremy was also very happy to find that OZ Excavator Buckets shares in his passion for good service.

“I believe that if your business looks after people, they will come back — and it seems OZ Excavator Buckets understands this,” says Jeremy, “I called Michelle at OZ Excavator Buckets and told her to tell the boss how happy I was with their service, and that people do appreciate the hard yards they put in for their customers.”

Competitive work

After six years in the civil construction business, Jeremy understands how minimizing down-time is critical in the competitive market he that works in.

“There are plenty other contractors out there all competing for my contracts,” says Jeremy. “So I really feel the pressure to get a job done on time. That’s why I’ll be sure to use and recommend OZ Excavator Buckets again”.

OZ Excavator Buckets fixes problem for Creasy’s Earthmoving, no questions asked

Tilt bucket from OZ Excavator Buckets

Alec Creasy, owner of Creasy’s Earthmoving, began using Excavator Buckets a few years ago when some machinery he bought came fitted with their buckets. And recently, when he had an issue with one of their products, the team at OZ Excavator Buckets went out of their way to fix it promptly — no questions asked.

Problem with servicing tilt bucket

“I ordered a 20 tonne tilt bucket,” explains Alec, “and I used it for a while with great results. However, greasing the main tilt head pin became a problem. It turned out that there was an issue with the grease channels in the main pin bushes — restricting grease getting to the main pin.

“I deal with machines a lot, so I understand that things sometimes go wrong… but the important test is how the company deals with the issue.

OZ Excavator Buckets goes the extra mile

“I got in touch with the team at OZ Excavator Buckets and they said they’d fix it — no problem. One of the guys there stayed late on a Friday night to sort it out for me. And when I got the tilt bucket back, they’d repaired it 100%.

“In fact, they’d even done a few extra jobs on the bucket, including turning the bolt on blade around to compensate for wear, replacing the bolts and adding hard facing to the cutting edge.
“I was delighted with the results.”

Quality tilt buckets and excellent service

“I use OZ Excavator Buckets because they provide high quality equipment at a reasonable price — and their service is good, too.

“When I had an issue they stepped right up and fixed it, which is really important and a good indication of the type of company they are. I’ve got no complaints about them, and will definitely buy excavator attachments from them again in the future.”

To learn more about Creasy’s Earthmoving, please click here.

OZ Excavator Buckets impresses McIntosh & Son with great service and quality equipment

“OZ Buckets manufactured the buckets for our LiuGong excavators,” says Will Doyle, sales product specialist at machinery dealers McIntosh & Son, Queensland, “and when they arrived, I showed them to a couple of excavator drivers who said they were the best-made, strongest buckets they’d ever seen.”

Graham Howell and Will Doyle with a bucket from OZ Excavator Buckets.

Quality excavator buckets

That was the first time Will had used OZ Excavator Buckets, and he was extremely impressed with the excellent quality of the equipment.

He says: “Their products are so strong that you don’t even need to look at any other company. The manufacturing is great, and you can tell they don’t skimp on the materials or cut any corners. From now on, we’ll be using their buckets for all our excavators.”

Quick hitch in a hurry

Because he was so happy with his first purchase, Will contacted OZ Excavator Buckets a few months later to request a quick hitch for an extremely tight deadline. As he explains: “Our client needed the quick hitch as soon as possible, so I got in touch with Michelle to see if they could help.”

“OZ Excavator Buckets managed to supply the quick hitch in less than half the time it usually takes — and they didn’t charge me any extra. In fact, their prices are consistently very competitive.

“When dealing with OZ Excavator Buckets, I’ve found them to be an extremely true, genuine company. And I’m astounded at the level of knowledge the staff have! They really do know their stuff and go out of their way to help you.”

Customer service, efficiency and value for money

Overall, Will has found buying from the company to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“Michelle and the rest of the team at OZ Excavator Buckets always make an effort to get back to you RIGHT away. I’ve been extremely impressed with their customer service, efficiency and value for money.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”